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Do’s and Don’ts Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

Most people dream of buying diamond jewellery, but some of them may yet not have bought it before. For first-time buyers, things can seem a bit complicated. There are various aspects to consider when buying diamonds. If you're looking forward to buying an engagement ring, here are our pro tips that you must consider.

Never compromise on quality

Let’s get it straight! Diamonds are costly, depending on their size and purity. However, when someone goes to buy it for the first time, they feel surprised to learn that these jewellery items are pricier than they previously expected. Often, you might be lured to buy an inexpensive diamond ring or nose pin, but beware of such products.

  • The quality of your diamond jewellery is directly related to its price. The higher you pay, the better product you get. So, avoid going for cheap. However, there’s no reason for you to go bankrupt in order to gift your fiance only the best-quality diamond. Consider your finances, be realistic, and buy things that matter to you and suit your pocket.
  • Remember, a “good diamond deal” is not what you might think. There are fair deals, so there's a justification behind the scene when a diamond is valued cheaper than the others. 
  • If you go for smaller carat weight, you'll get a finer diamond than if you buy a diamond that looks like a "good deal" relative to other diamonds with a comparable weight. When you gamble a little on stone size instead of consistency, you can get the ring of your dreams.

Don't Just Buy From the Only Store That Comes To Your Mind

It's too easy to visit a popular shopping outlet, buy diamonds, and call it a day. However, we recommend that you don’t do such a thing. Be sure of considering all of the choices you have. There are certain local jewellery stores when you will find higher-quality items at a cheaper price. 

Why spend your wallet at a big store if you can get a better quality pendant at your neighbourhood diamond store?

Avoid Online Purchase

You might say that the online marketplace is the most convenient form of shopping for most people. In that regard, it’s worth noting that diamonds are not groceries. You must be extra careful while buying these amazing stones. 

When you visit a shop, you get more control over your real diamond jewellery buying process. There, you can see the diamond physically, touch it, and feel it. Avoid online shopping and you'll be happy about doing it!

Think Creatively

Do not get caught up in the concept that in order for a diamond to look great, it needs to be the centre stone of an engagement ring. Think outside the box, instead. You might want to try some experiments with gemstone jewellery that has diamonds in it.

We have seen several gemstone engagement rings being sold in the last couple of years. Gemstones create beautiful rings for engagement. Also, they are more budget-friendly.

However, there are a few things to consider if you want to go for a gemstone. Make sure you ask the sales specialist how durable and hard the stone is. Remember, gemstones are softer and can scratch crack more easily than diamonds. It’s worth noting that some gemstones are stronger than others and their degree of hardness is expressed on the scale of Mohs.

The more resistant the stone is to abrasion and scraping, the greater the level on the scale. Educate yourself about the fundamentals of the Moh scale prior to purchasing a gemstone. This awareness will assist you in making a wise purchase decision.

Buying Big Isn’t Always The Right Choice

Nearly everybody wishes to buy his/her fiance the largest diamond available. But, let’s be honest! An average person is unlikely to afford a diamond ring that costs millions of dollars. Even if you can, there’s no guarantee that the diamond you’re going to buy is the biggest in the world. 

When it comes to shopping for diamonds, their consistency matters, too. The largest diamond is sometimes not the right choice. To ensure its fire, brilliance, and scintillation, it is vital for you to verify that your diamond has a good cut, colour, and clarity. You wouldn’t want a diamond that looks like a dual glass object.

If you need assistance to better appreciate the nature of a diamond, ask a gemologist about the 4 C's.

Your Diamond's 4Cs

Before you go out and buy an engagement ring for your fiance, get enough information regarding the stone’s quality. There are four quality markers for diamonds, known together as the Four Cs. And they are:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Colour, and 
  • Carat

Take the time to learn about each of these four Cs so that when you start shopping for diamonds, you would have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

Always Verify The Diamond’s Certification

Diamonds generally come with a certification report that specifically demonstrates the cut, colour, clarity, and carat of the diamond, as well as other features. This certification allows the diamond to be recognized according to its potential and quality. You must never purchase a diamond that does not come with a certificate.

Without seeing the official certification report, you can never verify the true cut, visibility, colour, and carat of the diamond. Certified diamonds are inspected closely in a gemological laboratory and then they are graded by trusted experts.

There is no way to check the quality of an uncertified diamond, so if you pick one without a certification report, you might end up spending more than what that diamond is worth. In this regard, you should also be cautious about where the credential comes from. All gemological laboratories are not made equal. Only opt for products that are certified by either a national or an international gemological body.

We are hopeful that you will find this post helpful. For more tips on how to buy the best possible diamond jewellery, follow our blog.


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