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Things to consider before gifting your first diamond ring to your loved ones

A lady when gets upset the best way to make her happy is shopping and surprising, and when it comes about surprising her with any jewellery, then nothing could beat the level of happiness she gets when she finds a diamond ring in the gift. It is said that diamonds are women`s most beloved friends and so one must choose the stone as wisely as they choose their friends and circle.
Because real friends and real diamonds are found rare, we are here to help you out with selecting the best for you. Purchasing a diamond needs a little research and decision making but, if you follow the 4Cs rule while buying a diamond ring then your half of the work is already done. The 4cs of diamonds are Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity.

Now that you know what type of diamond ring would suit the occasion, next you’ll want to consider the ring wearer’s personal taste and style.

Are they elegant and classic, or colourful and flamboyant?

What kind of jewellery do they already wear?

To whom you are gifting: As an example, let’s say you’re buying a ring for your mother’s 50th birthday. She loves colourful gemstones, so you might want to give her a ring featuring her birthstone gem. If she only wears yellow gold, that should be the precious metal in the ring’s band.

A small word of advice for men: If you’re buying jewellery for your girlfriend, but aren’t intending to propose marriage, be aware that a gift ring may be misinterpreted as an engagement ring. The best jewellery gifts before engagement are bracelets, pendants and earrings.

Carat- Decide how much carat diamond are you planning to buy and set your budget accordingly.

Cut- Diamonds are cutted and available in many shapes and sizes so decide which shape diamond ring you would love.

Colour- Diamond comes in various colours such as white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink to purple, brown, and black so then you need to decide which colour diamond you are looking to buy.

Clarity- The highest quality diamonds are flawless, whereas lower quality diamonds can often have some clouds or inclusions inside.
Metal of Ring- Choose the metal of your diamond ring to buy, in past few years rose gold has emerged as a fresh, modern alternative to the traditional yellow gold. While platinum may look pretty similar to silver, Some metals scratch easier than others, so be sure to consider lifestyle as well as budget, of course.

Size Selection- Finding out the correct ring size is vital. If a ring doesn’t fit, it can ruin your big gift-giving moment. Never guess a finger measurement, because not all rings can be exchanged, resized or returned later. Plus sending a ring back for resizing would only cost you more money.

So, while you choose the ring just see to the size that fits into the finger perfectly it should not be too tight nor loose. If you choose the big size then there will always be a fear of ring getting out of finger and getting lost.
Finding out the correct ring size is vital. If a ring doesn’t fit, it can ruin your big gift-giving moment.

Here are three easy ways to get an accurate ring measurement:

• Take an existing ring and measure it with a mobile phone RING SIZER APP
• Measure the finger with a FREE RING SIZER
• Ask a jeweller to measure an existing ring or the person’s finger

The Artisan:The more complex your ring’s setting and design is – and the more skill that’s needed to make it – the higher its quality and value. That’s why a craftsmanship guarantee offered by a retailer is always a good indication that your ring has been made to a high standard. For example, all of our jewellery is made by hand in our workshop by our very own, highly experienced jeweller. That’s how we know all our jewellery will stand the test of time – and why we can confidently offer a five year guarantee on every single item we sell.

Always buy certified diamond jewellery - When you are done with selecting the right diamond ring to buy then next thing to do is check the authenticity of the diamond. See to it if the diamond is lab tested or not.
So, If you are planning to buy a diamond ring these are some simple steps to follow and keep in mind and this way you can choose the best diamond for you.

DO write the ring size down. It’s one of those things that’s incredibly easy to forget.
DON’T use a piece of string or any other DIY method to measure ring size. They’re not reliable and will almost certainly result in disappointment.

So, now you are all set to buy and gift your first diamond ring to your loved ones.









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