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Things you should know before buying a diamond ring

Early before, Buying a diamond ring was only limited to some few people, mostly the upper-class and high-society families could only afford a diamond ring but now many diamond jewellers made it happen and they have a large variety of lite weight diamond rings under 10,000! So, it is now considered 'an affordable luxury'. Yet, there are some grey areas in which you may dupe by un-ethical people who may lure you in a bad deal.

So finally, if you have decided to buy that diamond ring as you always wanted and planned. Here’s the thing, before you go ahead and make the purchase for the diamond ring, please take a look at a few details, because it is the best to be well informed about the same to make a better decision and choice.

A beginner’s guide on buying a diamond ring. 

Now it’s quite natural to get all confused about the first purchase of diamonds, but there is nothing to worry about because we are here to provide you with the main aspects you need to look into before buying that diamond ring for 3 or more reasons:

  1. Because like everyone else u simply want it to be perfect.
  2. Because you don’t know what to look out for before buying the same.
  3. And you want to buy the diamonds at the best and affordable prices.

If you have plans to browse the internet, going page after page, I can assure you that it is more like going on a wild goose chase. As the internet is flooded with much more information than you require, instead if you know exactly what to look out for then it will save you time and money as well as help you decide on buying the right diamond ring that is perfect for you.

How to buy a diamond ring?

Here are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind whilst buying a diamond ring, especially if it’s your first time?

  • Shape

The first thing that you make up your mind on is about the shape of the diamond, in the market round shape is the most popular and happening shape. But if you are looking for something unique then you should go for the Oval or Cushion cut shape.

  • Carat

Once you are clear about the shape of the diamond, go for the carat-Just like how weight is an important aspect while buying gold jewellery, so is carat when it comes to purchasing diamonds.

The average size of a diamond is considered anywhere between 1 and 1.2 carats, however, if you want to make a first impression or so you could always go for 2 carats or more.

  • Cut

Since we have the shape and carat fixed, let’s look upon the 3rd factor that is the cut of the diamond, it would be mandatory to say that the beauty of the diamond is decided from its elegant cut. If you choose to go for a round shape, you may go for an excellent and ideal cut diamond. But if you are looking for more of a fancy shape then we would recommend going for the premium cut but again it’s all up to you to decide.

  • Clarity

Always decide to buy a diamond that looks eye-clean to your naked eye, this simply means that when you look at the diamond through a microscope or loupe, it should appear clean, polished, well-cut and must show a fluorescence issue if any.

  • Color

One important factor to remember is that the color mainly depends on the shape that you have chosen from, also the diamonds from G to I range will give you a white color at a very less price.

  • Certificate Authenticity

Try and buy only certified diamonds from the below Institutes:

a. GIA- Gemological Institute of America.

b. AGS- American Gem Society.

c. IGI- International Gemological Institute.

d. GCAL- Gem Certification and Assurance Lab

e. EGL-European Gemological Laboratories.

  • Check out other diamond stores as well

Make sure to check out similar diamond stores before you buy the diamond because this way you will have a clearer picture of the best price available at the different stores.

  • Get expert advice

It is always better to make the gemologist take a look at the diamond before buying one because these gemologists are experts in looking at the diamond and providing you much detailed information than what you might miss with your naked eye.

  • Buy your diamond ring from a reputed online jewellery retailer or any branded shop

Now, it's become easy to buy a diamond ring online than ever before. You may have more than a dozen options to buy it from online retailers and even with a lucrative discounted price. However, this phenomenon is also the reason why there are many fraudsters in the market. Don’t be fall in only by huge discounts. Buy diamond rings only from a reputed jeweller, whether online or offline. Check for jewellers and retailers who have been in the market for a long time. Also, check whether they have reviews and active social media profiles. Ask if they can prove the diamonds on the rings they are selling are authentic (certifications, remember?). You need to consider their returns and refund policies as well, before making a decision.




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