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8 Tips To Buy Diamond Jewellery For Working Women

It's quite difficult for working women to spare time for themselves as they are floating between personal and professional life. In fact, they are only looking for one thing-wish they had extra time for themselves. Well, during their busy hours they missed many things such as picking the right clothing or jewellery often take a backseat. They have no time to sift through the gold earrings designs or mix and match the jewellery.

With a number of online websites available to make your diamond jewellery purchase and even you can browse from the comforts of your home. Before you set about the task of finding the right accessory to match your outfit, there are two questions you must ask yourself.

Tips to buy diamond jewellery online in India

  • Does my choice of the diamond ring conform to the norms of the workplace?

To follow ethics on your workplace is believed the best practices. You can try various designs and styles n the fashion, media or entertainment industry because these workplaces are full of glam and fame. But, if the nature of your workplace requires sober and elegant wear, then you have to drop some of your options to a bit simple. Moreover, your fashion jewellery has to be just right to confirm with the workplace, and yet look elegant.

  • Do I feel and look comfortable in this ornament?

Large feathery earrings for a college or intricate neckpieces are a major distraction at work. They can be a recipe for disaster and create a negative impression on others.

Here are the Top Ten Picks of Diamond Jewellery you can wear to work.

1. Cut-Work Diamond Bands

These days, engagement rings come in the form of a couple of bands. You can choose from rose gold, yellow and white metal. A solitaire set on the top or any intricate work along the sides is a good option

2. Engagement Rings

Married women can wear their engagement or wedding rings for work. They are created in a variety of designs, with fine cuts and lines. Avoid anything that is flashy. There are few rings that come with braided gold designs set in a solitaire diamond. They exude style and confidence without making you look out-of-place.

3. Heart-Shaped Diamond Earrings

If you work as a consultant, this means you are talking and moving the entire day. Keep your fashion accessories limited for a modern outlook. There are heart-shaped diamond earrings that can be added to your collection. Your earlobes conceal them, and they do not appear obvious to your customers.

4. Diamond Pendants

New mums can wear the initial of their newborn or any loved one in the form of a diamond pendant. The letters are written in gold and often are accompanied by diamonds or other gemstones.

Add a discreet pendant to your gold chain to make your outfits look interesting. Diamond Pendant designs include the popular lock and key, floral shaped and other square locket designs. You can even match them with similarly patterned earrings and look discrete.

5. Stud Earrings

To help you achieve the timeless and edgy look, you can buy diamond studs in yellow gold. You can go for floral designs or experiment with geometrical patterns. Avoid multi-coloured stud earrings that are loud and distractive.

6. Diamond Nose pin

Stud Nose pins are a discrete piece of jewellery can transform you instantly. They are not flamboyant and goes unnoticed at most times owing to their tiny size.

Unlike the stud nose pins, the wired nose pins have a curved appearance with a distinct appeal. Wear them if you feel they blend with the workplace.

7. Tennis Bracelets

These forms of wrist jewellery appear like fluid and designed using diamonds or gold alone. If you work as a banker, you have to use your hands for gestures. A tennis bracelet with a single row of gold is a safe bet and will add a long-lasting grace to your attire.

8. Diamond Necklaces

When you buy a diamond necklace, there is no limit to the choices you can make. From a floral setting to contemporary design or designer wear, you have a list of options available.

If you are confused with the choices, here’s a simple trick to help you. Pick the neckpiece as if you were dressing up for your first interview. Remember, no showy colours or large necklaces. There you got it now!

To ease your task of picking diamond jewellery, keep in mind the three-ornament rules. Limit your jewellery to a maximum of three pieces for work, and steer clear of anything that will make you look like a decked up doll.


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