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Know your diamond before you buy it

Diamonds are precious stones that are bought on special occasions in life. It’s a worthy investment and a perfect gift for your dear ones. But at times, shopkeepers to make quick money can cheat you into buying cheaper quality diamonds. So it's important to understand everything about buying diamonds so you never fall into the trap of those cunny jewellers.

Things you didn't know about the diamond quality | Diamond Buying Advice

  • Buying low-priced diamonds

Certain retailers lure diamond jewellery buyers to shop for low-priced diamonds. Buyers with strict budgets may find this attractive and go ahead thinking it’s a great deal. This can have you end up with a low carat diamond which only means less weight and size of the diamond. So it must be understood that cheaper diamonds means low carat diamonds. Again this depends on your preference if you are happy with a half-carat or 5-carat diamond. The choice is yours.

  • Buying poorly-cut diamonds

Another important thing to understand is that buying low-priced diamonds also mean poorly cut diamonds which are synonymous to dull-looking diamond jewellery. You can recognize poorly-cut diamonds as they are less shiny, mostly round and fancy-shaped. A well-cut diamond will allow light to enter it, reflect and create an amazing sparkle.

  • Buying fancy-shaped or coloured diamonds

Some jewellers might lure you into buying fancy coloured or shaped diamonds. Well, you must know that they may look far more attractive than plain white diamonds, but yellow and brown coloured diamonds are valued less. But blue, red, pink and green diamonds do have a larger value than pure white diamonds.

  • Buying improperly polished diamonds

Diamonds after cutting requires proper polishing. You must know regret later by buying improperly polish diamonds with easily visible scratches. So always choose diamonds with very few scratches. Another thing to note is that some diamonds can have bubbles or impurities in it that can cause the diamond’s shine and brilliance to lose as the years pass by. So always make sure to check for such flaws before buying you precious sparkle.

  • Buying uncertified diamonds

A certified diamond means 100% assurance in the quality of the product. So you must buy diamonds that are certified from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL). Certified diamonds also means no scare of being a victim of grade bumping. Grade bumping only means buying a diamond which was graded higher than its actual quality characteristics. This will not happen if you buy a certified gemstone from a well-reviewed or authorised jeweller.

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To buy a good quality diamond, you must understand the 4C’s of a diamond which is Cut, Colourless, Clarity and Carat weight. You can read more about the 4C’s of diamonds here. 

We hope this article will help stay educated about diamonds and also aid you in taking better and informed decisions about this timeless and precious gemstone which can be a worthy and excellent investment for life.

So, to buy anything from online or offline store isn't that a piece of cake, you should have proper knowledge before you spend your hard earning money. We hope the above information may help you while buying diamonds.

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